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Sheikh Muhumed Haybe Guelleh: Somaliland wastes two million dollars a day on Khat

HARGEISA (SD) – One of Somaliland’s leading clerics Sheikh Muhumed Haybe Guelleh, said most of Somaliland’s wealth goes to waste and extravagant spending, noting that more than two million dollars a day is spent on khat.

The sheikh also pointed out that the total amount of money we spend on khat a year is about seven hundred and twenty million dollars, adding that more than one million people chewing khat a day, buy khat for two dollars.

Sheikh Muhumed Haybe Guelleh suggested that such money is taken away from us, and added that if it were collected, it could be used to build universities, hospitals, and used for drought relief, water shortages and the current crisis would be solved.

“We spend a lot of our money elsewhere every day. We spend more than two million dollars on the drug khat, considering that only one million people chew it for just two dollars, totaling two million dollars.” The Sheikh said at a Friday prayers.

Adding “Take a look at the towers and the highways built by the people who brought us this tree, God forbids extravagance, there is a lack of water, there is a drought, there are other problem, let us use that money to resolve these issues.”

Most of the kha is imported from Ethiopia, exporting hard currency that could be used to develop social services.

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