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Former Somalia President tells Ethiopian PM to Butt out of Somali affairs

Mogadishu (SD) – The former president of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, speaking on the situation in the country has called on Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed not to meddle in the internal affairs of Somalia.

Sheikh Sharif, who is currently the chairman of the National Party Forum, sent the message to the Addis Ababa government at a press conference in Mogadishu.

The former Somalia president said that PM Abiy Ahmed intends to control Somaliland and deploy troops in Gedo region of Jubaland and It was not a good idea. He also demanded that the Ethiopian PM stops his interference in the talks between Somalia and Somaliland, as it’s a Somali matter.

“I believe there is no stronger PM than Meles Zenawi that ruled Ethiopia, the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed we thought could come to an agreement, we were expecting that, and there are other things said, we want things to be clear, if Abiy Ahmed wants to govern Somaliland, deploy Ethiopian troops to Jubaland and Gedo and govern here, that’s is not a good thing. If you alone can bring Muse Bihi, let’s know, but we have a good relationship with him and Northerners, they are Somalis and we know why we fought, we will call you if we need you.” Said Sharif.

The statement comes amid growing collusion between the Somali President and Ethiopia PM over amalgamating the two countries, talks with Somaliland, military activities in the Gedo, Bay and Bakol regions of southern Somalia.

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