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Former speaker of the Federal Parliament: elections are under one man’s control

Baidoa (SD) – Former Speaker of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament Prof Mohamed Osman Jawari who was in Baidoa for the past few days has left after being barred from contesting.

Prof Jawari, in a recently recorded a video, announced that he had left Baidoa, and made it clear that city was no place for a nobleman to go to find respect.

“In the case of Baidoa, I personally do not think there is a platform for a nobleman and an elder to seek anything. There is a lot of corruption going on, there is no fair and transparent election process here and there is a lot of citizen abuse going on.” Said Prof Jawari in his video.

The former speaker of the Federal Parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari said that if the current situation is not addressed, he fears that the current state of Somalia could disappear.

Prof Jawari said that the election is now in full control of and is in the hands of an individual, adding that without that person’s approval no one could even be a candidate.

Jawari confirmed a meeting at the Baidoa Presidential Palace with elders and intellectuals who own the HOP103 seat and was awaiting the outcome of the meetings, expressing disappointment with the way things were going.

The statement from Prof. Jawari comes amid reports that the South West Presidency denied the former Speaker of the Lower House for running for his current seat and a candidacy certificate.

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