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Former Wajir Governor denies allegations

Wajir (SD) – The hearing on allegations against ousted Wajir governor Mohamed Abdi began in the Senate this morning.

The governor is represented by a team of prominent lawyers led by Paul Nyomodi and Ndegwa Njeru.

Dismissed governor Mohamed Abdi has denied all allegations leveled against him by the Wajir County Council.

Wajir’s former governor faces two major charges of gross violations of the Constitution, the 2012 Local Government Act, the Procurement and Public Property Act 2015 and the Public Financial Management Act 2012 and abuse of office as well as misconduct.

He is also accused of disregarding the duties of the Wajir County Council and disrupting its functions and not establishing a budget forum for Wajir.

The Wajir council says total of 409 million funds is unaccounted for and were spent between October 6, 2017 and June 29, 2018.

Wajir residents were divided over the impeachment of the chairman and the allegations leveled against him.

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