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Fugitive Jubbaland Security minister Janan declares war on SNA in Belet-Hawo

NAIROBI (SD) – The fugitive Jubbaland security Minister Abdirashid Janan has today vowed to wage new offensive against the federal government troops in Belet-Hawa town of Gedo region.

In a press conference, Janan said Jubbaland state forces will be amassed on the outskirts of Belet-Hawa town to recapture the town from Somali military.

“We hereby declaring war on these militias in Belet-Hawa town, therefore urged public to keep away from this place. We do not want to witness any collateral damage,” he said.

Janan accused the incumbent president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of fueling the fighting in Gedo region.

“Farmajo is destabalising this region. He uses the national army for personal interest. He is foreign passport holder, he came here for the seat and tomorrow if fails to retain his seat, he will jet off,” Janan told the media.


Commenting on last Monday’s fight with Somali military, Janan condoled with families of the victims killed in the clashes.

“We extend condolences to families of the soldiers and the civilians killed in the fighting. They died in the hands of the aggressors but they sacrificed the lives for the liberation of their region,” the minister consoled.

Without giving out further details, the Janan said prisoners of war are under the captivity of his forces.

“We know these boys were misled by the federal government but we treat these prisoners well because they are our boys,” said Janan but did not specified who the prisoners are.

Janan who escaped custody in Mogadishu and reportedly crossed into Kenya last year has an international warrant of arrest on his head but Somalia has accused Kenya of shielding him and his renegade forces in the border town of Mandera.

The clashes between Janan and SNA forces has become a subject of a diplomatic row between Kenya and Somalia leading to a cut of relations.

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