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Somali Federal Government Ministers visit Dolow town

Dolow (SD) – A delegation of Somali ministers including the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Information, the Minister of Defense, and military officials visited Dolow district in Gedo region, to assess the civilian casualties and the general situation in the region, passing through Beled-hawo.

Somali Minister of Defense Hassan Hussein Haji thanked the people of Balad-Hawo for their support to the Somali National Army, offering his condolences to the families of the victims of the recent fighting.

Minister Hassan Hussein Haji also said that the officers who led the fighting in Balad-Hawo will be promoted.

The Minister of Information offered his condolences to the families and relatives of the victims of the attack by Abdirashid Janan’s militia in Balad-Hawo, and thanked the troops for responding to the enemy’s threats.

“People who said there is no guerrilla movement, and there is no problem. Come and see Beled-Hawo. The people who said there is no intervention come and see Beled-Hawo,” said Minister Dubbe.

Somali Minister of Justice Abdikadir Mohamed Nur said the invasion of Balad-Hawo would be investigated and anyone involved would be brought to justice.

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