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Gen. Taani: we are securing Lasanod

Lasanod January 24, 2023 (SD) – -The commander of the Somaliland military, Nuux Ismaaciil Taani, today stated that the administration of the Sool region is under the control of the military and denied reports that armed groups have entered Laascaanood.

Speaking at a meeting with senior military officials, Taani stated that security in the Sool region is under the control of the military and that the armored vehicles that were seen transporting traditional leaders were those of the military.

He also said that they took this measure to prevent other troops from entering the region and compromising security. He also stated that the military will not pay any attention to any divisive statements made by some individuals and that the military will continue to carry out its normal duties.

Commander Taani added that the planned conference for the local tribes in Laascaanood will be under the protection of the military. He also urged the residents of the Sool region to maintain peace, warning that any disruption of peace will lead to further loss of life.

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