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Golis businesses closed by Mudug forces

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland Armed Forces has issued an arrest warrant for the Director of Golis Telecommunication Company in Mudug region.

The court ordered the director of Golis Company in Galkayo to come to the headquarters of the Armed Forces Court in Mudug and Cayn regions.

The director, who was not named, was informed that further legal action would be taken if he did not appear in court.

Mudug Regional Police Commander Mumin Abdi Shire, has also been ordered to detain the director, if he does not appear in court as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the Mudug security forces closed all Golis Company’s centers in Galkayo, due to the company disobeying the court order.

The Mudug Regional Security Committee has accused Golis of refusing to provide information on suspected insurgents in the region, particularly in Galkayo.

Golis management has not commented on the accusations and action taken by the security forces in closing their business centres.

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