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Government blames opposition for tonight’s attack in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – Details are emerging of a heavy fighting that broke out at around 1:15am tonight in the vicinity of Naasa Hablood 2 Hotel, the residence of some presidential candidates and the statue of the Unknown Soldier, the venue for tomorrow’s protest organized by the Opposition.

The fighting began with heavy gunfire and was accompanied by several loud explosions, as the fighting suddenly erupted in the country’s capital while most residents were asleep.

Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, a former security minister and a member of the opposition, said government forces had raided the hotel where the two former presidents were staying and that fighting was taking place.

Fighting broke out between the DF forces and the opposition candidates’ bodyguards although it is not yet known how it started.

The Somali Federal security minister Hassan Xundubey Jim’ale issued an statement on the fighting that took place in parts of Mogadishu tonight.

“Armed militias attacked military bases in parts of the capital Mogadishu at around 1am tonight. A spokesman for the militia told the media tonight that they were attacking government buildings and captured parts of Mogadishu. The Armed Forces have since been on high alert, ”said the Minister.

The minister’s statement is referring to Yusuf Siyad Indhacadde who said tonight that his forces have captured the site of tomorrow’s protest and are providing security to the demonstrators, emphasizing that there is no government in the country.

Opposition candidates have blamed government forces for attacking the Nasa Hablood 2 hotel in Mogadishu, saying the assault was ordered by President Farmajo.

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