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Grenade attack in Kismayo kills civilians

Kismayo (SD) – Reports from the port city of Kismayo, Jubaland give details of the casualties caused by a grenade attack in the center of Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia.

The brazen attack came after gunmen hurled a grenade at a crowded restaurant in the center of the administration biggest town.

At least five people, all civilians, were injured in the blast, local sources told local media.

Jubbaland regional state police officers also arrived at the scene after the attack, not far from the attacked restaurant.

The forces also conducted a security operation inside the coastal city of Kismayo last night until this morning, arresting a number of people.

In recent times, Kismayo has been plagued by insecurity, including assassinations and bombings, most recently the chairman of the Jubbaland Chamber of Commerce, Shafi Rabi Kahin was killed in a similar attack.

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