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What will Biden’s US win mean for Africa? Experts weigh in

Leaders across Africa have congratulated Joe Biden for his election win, with many expressing hope that his presidency will boost ties between countries on the continent and the United States.

Donald Trump never visited a country in sub-Saharan Africa after assuming office in January 2017, and many observers agree that the president effectively ignored the continent, at best – and insulted it, at worst.

But what could a Biden presidency mean for the continent? Al Jazeera asked experts from various fields – from art and finance to human rights and governance – in countries across Africa to share their views.

Abukar Arman – Former Somalia special envoy to the US, Somalia

As far as foreign policy towards Africa is concerned, I do not expect substantive change. Biden will be different than Trump, as Barack Obama was different than George W Bush.

He will speak softly and continue the knee-on-the-neck policy to secure zero-sum advantage to a few predatory capitalists that are already well-positioned in countries such as Somalia.

Biden is likely to bring Ambassador Susan Rice on board. She is a hawk whose record under Obama speaks for itself.

Sure, there is a sigh of relief in seeing Trump’s presidency coming to an end, but let us not forget that the domestic challenge will demand much of his attention. Africa is likely be set on autopilot.

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