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Hargeisa mayor visits Djibouti

DJIBOUTI (SD) – The mayor of Hargeisa has arrived in Djibouti, where he was welcomed by his Djiboutian counterpart.
The purpose of the previously unannounced trip is unknown.

“The people of Hargeisa and Djibouti are brothers, and I am honored that the Mayor of Djibouti, Ms. Fadumo Awale Osman, welcomes me and the visiting members of the Hargeisa City Council to Djibouti.” Said Mayor Abdikarim.

The Hargeisa Mayor added “ Just as the people of Somaliland and Djibouti are close, we intent to bring both capitals close.”

The mayor of Djibouti did not comment on the purpose of mayor’s visit to Djibouti.

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