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Hawd officials deny Ethiopian troops have entered Somaliland and arrested people.

Baligubadle (SD) – The deputy governor of Hawd region and other regional officials who spoke to the national media today that Ethiopian troops had entered the Somaliland border and detained people.

The officials said that reports that Ethiopian troops had crossed into Somaliland and arrested people were baseless, but the officials pointed out that a vehicle belonging to the Ethiopian army got loss and was later turned away.

In recent days, reports have surfaced on social media that Ethiopian troops have allegedly entered the Somaliland border and detained people, there were no credible details provided.

The vehicle, owned by Ethiopian Federal Government forces, was reportedly later returned away by Somaliland immigration officials and the Somaliland Police Force.

The officials urged those who spread the fake news to consider what they are writing, and pointed out that they are investigating who spread the fake news.

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