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Somaliland to regulate Social media

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland government says it plans to introduce a law to regulate social networking sites, an ever growing source of news and information platform for the country’s new crop of journalist.

Director General of the Ministry of Communications Ali Abdullahi Dahir told the media recently that the government plans to enact a law to hold users of social networking sites accountable.

Director Ali speaking about the government’s plans explained “We are involved in creating the laws for the Social networking sites, and the ministry of communication is focused on it, we are partnering with the Ministry of information as its preparing the media law, there are a lot violations committed on social media, and the world has lots technology regulations”.

Director Ali also spoke about the challenges of social media platforms “There are now a violations of the dignity of individuals, the nation, the institutions, and the clans. When used in any way, social media can be harmful.”

Director Ali spoke about the government’s decision to stop importing telecommunications equipment “Our press releases are not towards companies but are for the people of Somaliland and we represent the nation. Various companies are working with us, the people are working with us and the whole nation is with us and is waiting for us. The stoppage of the importation of the equipment will soon be allowed, so administrative issues are not a ban but a temporary suspension.”

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