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Health Minister confirms the arrest of the director Buule

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali Health Minister Fosiya Abikar Nur spoke about the arrest of the director of finance of the Ministry of Health, allegedly charged with stealing money allocated for COVID-19.

In a press conference held in the capital Mogadishu, the minister confirmed Mohamud Mohamed Buule’s arrest on the night of April 04, 2020 but said isn’t aware of the reason for his arrest.

“The ministry is working with the national prosecutor, the treasury, and anyone else involved in his investigation,” Fouzia told a group of journalists.

The director allegedly diverted funds donated to the government by international organizations, designed for the fight against Coronavirus.

Other staff at the Ministry are said to be under investigations as well, there is a believe other officials were involved in the scam.

Mohamud Mohamed Buule’s arrest comes after the Auditor General conducted a quick accounting inquiry into the Ministry.

Somalia ranks among the world’s most corrupt countries despite the federal government of Somalia’s efforts to mitigate the issue.

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  1. The first thing first in mind, when you encounter such news is to ask yourself both the negative and the postive aspects of the action, i.e. the clan profile of the minister and the arrested financial officer, this makes a big sense in our Somali context. It might be the baseline argument that triggres the process. Thenafterwards, we can investigate the matter methodologically and professionally.

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