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Heavy clashes between Al Shabaab and local, national forces in Hiiraan

Mogadishu Friday, September, 9, 2022 (SD) – Somalia National forces, especially Gorgor Battalion ,with the local community enforcement forces, carried out planned operations in the mountainous areas of Hiran region, where Al-Shabaab had a large base. 

The joint forces have carried out their operations in Dacaroow, in the mountainous areas of Hiiraan region, and it has been reported that the joint forces engaged in heavy fighting with Al-Shabaab there. 

An officer who spoke to the national media said, 6 Al-Shabaab fighters had been killed and that the joint forces retrieved four hundred goats that Al-Shabaab took from villagers in Dacaroow.

There are heavy ongoing operations in many areas under the districts of Balawdweyn, Matabaan, Mahaas, Jalalaqsi and Buulaburte to be liberated with the support of Somalia National Army, that are fighting against Al-Shabaab in Hiiraan region.  

There are motivated local forces fighting Al-Shabaab, after they recently killed civilians in Afar-Irdood between Balawdweyn and Mahaas. 

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