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Heavy fighting erupts in Kismayo again

Kismayo (SD) – Clashes between two tribal militias on the outskirts of Kismayo reportedly intensified today and many people are killed and left fleeing their homes.

Residents are reportedly hearing sound of gunfire in the city of Kismayo, with light and heavy weaponry.

More than 50 people reportedly lost their lives during the conflict raging in the western suburb of Kismayo in the last few weeks. The dead are said to be civilians and warring parties.

Reports further indicate that the ongoing conflict is over the control of grazing land and clan-related killings.

The Jubaland regional administration vowed that they would send troops to the aria, but they have not yet succeeded in stopping the fighting.

The usually calm region is experiencing an uptick in violence lately, due to political fractures between born out of the re-election of President Ahmed Madobe.

The Somali Federal Government is believed to be fuelling conflicts in the region and doesn’t recognize the Jubaland regional administration.

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