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Heavy Mortar Rocks Mogadishu Neighborhoods, killing two children

MOGADISHU Thursday, September, 1 2022 (SD) –, Heavy Mortar shelling could be heard in some parts of the Capital city today, leaving residents shell shocked.

A family of seven had their home struck by Mortar early in the morning today at Hamar-weyne District, Banadir Region in which the consists of seven family members.  

Two of the family members who were children and one adult died while the other three who had been severely injured and were rushed to a Mogadishu hospital for treatment.

Former Member of Parliament Ali Ganay is the grandfather of three of the deceased in which two were children.

Ali Ganay who visited the house struck by the mortar accused Al-Shabaab for the attack and cited that their main purposes is to demonstrate that Mogadishu isn’t safe and unsecured.

A neighbour witness said they heard a big boom sound followed by the screaming of the mother. We quickly went outside and saw the mother in tears and screaming “ my children, my children are all dead!”. We all rushed into the house and brought outside the dead bodies and injured” said the woman witness who was at the scene.

There were several other mortar shells landed in Boondheere District and Shangaani in Banadir Region, injuring three civilians.

No official statement have been released by authorities in charge of the security, although most of the mortar shelling is alleged to have been launched by Al-Shabaab militants, they are yet to claim the attacks.

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