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Somaliland: Attorney General dismisses Electoral Resolution proposal

HARGEISA Thursday, September, 1 2022 (SD) – The Attorney General of Somaliland, Abdisamad Omar Maal, in an unprecedented declared that the presidential and the political organization elections should not be held at the same time.

The Attorney General , in an interview with the state run media in Hargeisa today pointed out that the presidential elections and political organizations in Somaliland cannot be reconciled technically and legally, echoing the presidency talking points.

“The question of whether presidential and political associations elections cannot reconcile technically and legally, because one has to happen first” The Attorney General of Somaliland, Abdisamad Omar Maal said.

Democratic observers call the AG’s statement on the election resolution undemocratic, out of bounds and an escalation of the dispute.

Somaliland has previously held elections simultaneously several times, rendering the Attorney General’s argument out of place and baseless.

The business committee, tasked with solving the Somaliland deadly election dispute, proposed that the presidential and new organisation elections be held together, a proposal that only the opposition parties welcomed.

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