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High Ranking Emirati military officials killed in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) – UAE military commanders were killed in an attack at the General Gordon Military Training Camp in Mogadishu today after they were targeted by a soldier from the government’s Military Police.

The soldier reportedly opened fire on the Emirati commanders while they were stationed at the General Gordon Camp in Hodan district of Mogadishu, resulting in casualties and injuries.

Up to 17 people, including the commander of the Emirati officers, were killed in the attack, according to Al Shabab who claimed to be behind the attack.

The soldier who targeted the military police officers was subsequently killed, while the injured officers and soldiers were rushed to Digfer Hospital for treatment.

Somali Federal Government President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud strongly condemned today’s attack on the UAE military commanders that took place in Mogadishu.

President Hassan expressed his condolences to the Government and People of the UAE for the attack at the Jen. Gordon Camp, where officials from UAE were training the Somali National Army.

He assured that the Security Agencies would conduct an immediate investigation and promised decisive action against anyone involved in this reprehensible attack, attributed to Al-Shabaab.

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