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HirShabelle accuses the Federal Government of withholding funds

Jowhar (SD) – A committee recently appointed by HirShabelle President on flood issues had a meeting to discuss the flood situation in the regional state.

An statement issued by the committee after their meeting accused the Federal Finance and Planning Ministries for obstructing the release of funds for flood relief.

“It is disappointing that the Minister of Finance has restricted the release of funds that could have helped mitigate some of the current issues, the problem would not have reached this level if the Treasury would’ve release funds meant to prevent flooding when the administration requested “the statement said.

The statement called on parliamentarians and federal ministers from Hirshabelle to stand up and fight for the people they represent.

Former HirShabelle state president Mohamed Abdi Waare recently tweeted that $35 million in international aid for the HirShabelle floods had been blocked by the federal Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Hirshabelle districts, especially Beledweyne town, experiences severe floods every year.

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