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HirShabelle Parliament Appoints Election Committee

Jowhar (SD) – HirShabelle Speaker of Parliament Abdihakim Luqman Haji today announced a committee to conduct the election of members of the Upper House from HirShabelle State.

The committee appointed by Speaker Abdihakim consists of about 15 members with only one female representative, Feisal Ahmedweli Hassan was appointed chairman with Mohamud Ahmed Ga’al as his deputy chairman.

“I thank the Speaker of HirShabelle State Parliament, Dr. Abdihakim Luqman Haji Mohamed today appointed the Parliamentary Committee for the conduct of the Upper House elections, I hope that the appointed committee will facilitate the work ahead, ”said HirShabelle President Ali Gudlawe, who has not yet nominated candidates for the upper house.

Speaker Abdihakim said he appointed the committee in accordance with Articles 31 and 41 of the HirShabelle Administration Constitution and Articles 13 and 50 of the HirShabelle Parliamentary Rules.

The Speaker also said that the nominees all have experience and knowledge in electoral matters.

The appointment of the commission comes at a time when there has been a rift between the members of the Federal Electoral Commission of HirShabelle.

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