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HRC condemns the arbitrary detention of Ahmed Mohamed Abdi in Hargeisa

Hargeisa December 05, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland’s Human Rights Center has condemned the illegal arrest of a member of the central council of the KAAH political organization.

“The Human Rights Centre condemns the arbitrary detention of Ahmed Mohamed Abdi Daud. Ahmed was arrested and accosted at the Kaah Political Organization office on November 24, 2022. Ahmed is a dedicated political activist who actively posts satire commentary on Facebook and a member of Central Council of Kaah political party.” HRC said in their release.

The Center confirmed Ahmed Mohamed Abdi was arrested for social media posts accusing the outgoing President of his involvement in a Khat distribution dispute in the Sool region.

“He was arrested for making a series of Facebook posts concerning the President’s alleged involvement in the Khat business. Ahmed was followed by a pickup car while entering the premises of Kaah Political Organization office when men wearing civilian clothes who are notorious intelligence officers and a presidential guard forcefully entered the premises, while jumping over the gate.” the Centre said.

The politician was arrested on November 24, but the court released him on November 27 after the police failed to charge him with any crime, but was returned to prison illegally.

“Ahmed Abdi Daud posted bail on November 27,2022, where the police demanded from the courts to hold him further, despite failing to prove or present reasonable grounds to hold or charge him with an offense only to be re-arrested on November 28, 2022.  He is in custody and remanded as of December 5, 2022.” HRC Centre said.

The Somaliland human rights center said that the police tortured Ahmed during his arrest. “In the process of apprehending Ahmed Abdi, he sustained injuries to his left hand and bruises around his mouth while defending himself in the attack by the plain-dressed men. Video taken of the attack shows the plain clothed men yielding a pistol. Shortly after, three police cars with over a dozen police officers came and took Ahmed Abdi to Ibrahim Koodbur police station.”.

The center and other Human Rights advocates have recorded a record number of killings, torture, and arrests since the outgoing president came to power.

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