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Hundreds of Hargeisa residence take part in a clean-up campaign

Hargeisa (SD)- Hundreds of Hargeisa residents are took part in a campaign to clean up city’s main valley, led by the new mayor of Hargeisa Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge.

The mayor of Hargeisa alongside the new local council are leading the campaign involving hundreds of residents to clear the main valley in Hargeisa.

The campaign began this morning after morning prayers in the Hargeisa Valley, is being is also attended by various sections of the community.

Businesses, some schools in the capital, clerics, politicians and social workers are taking part in the campaign.

The new mayor of Hargeisa, Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, who is in the process of clearing the valley, calls on Hargeisa residents to all come out.
“People of Hargeisa, work requires support. Every man should pick up his shovel, pick up your broom, and clean up your valley,” he said.

The Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Sheikh Omar Dirir, one of the clerics taking part in the campaign, spoke to Islam’s stand in cleanliness.

“Giving money is just like cleaning a road, and it is a donation. The Prophet said clearing roads is donation,” he said.

Some women’s organizations and members of the political parties in Somaliland also participated in the campaign.

“People of Marodi-Jeh, I urge you to stand by the elected councillors,” said Fosiya Kayse, chairman of the women’s wing of the Waddani party.

The new mayor of Hargeisa, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, has promised during the election that he will build a green, orderly and clean Hargeisa, as a result he was elected with the largest votes ever.

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