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Ilahan Omar seeking compensation for Victims of US drone attacks in Somalia

Washington (SD) – Minnesota US lawmaker, Ilhan Omar, spoke about the civilian casualties as a result US airstrikes in her native home of Somalia.

The lawmaker told the BBC that her office had launched a compensation campaign for civilians killed in recent years by US drone strikes in southern and central Somalia.

“The drone strikes in Somalia occur at the night, and not just from terrorists die, but the poor and sometimes whole families are killed,” she said.

The lawmaker added, “We are also working to compensate those killed in the bombings, International law stipulates that whoever is killed by a government other than their own have to pay compensation.”

Representative Omar also said that President Trump has made a habit of using Somalia as a bad habit, But won’t pay attention to that, and that the facts are clear.

“You know the president when he doesn’t have anything good to say about his government, he looks for things to embarrass people with, such as picking Somalia and me, It is an expectation, but we know the truth, Somalia is a country that is building, it is a country where we have high hopes, and hearts are in Somalia, ”she added.

The AFRICOM operations has repeatedly stated that bombings in Somalia only target Al-Shabab, adding they are very cautious about causing harm to civilians. However, there have been civilians casualties, human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized the drone attacks.

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