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Ilhan Omar discusses the role of women in elections and Politics

Minneapolis (SD) – Ilhan Omar, a Somali-born US Congresswoman talked about Somalia’s upcoming 2020/2021 elections.

Ilhan Omar told the BBC she was optimistic about the next election, with a special focus on the role of women and the country’s leadership.

She also called for the empowerment of Somali women in politics, and for them to be trusted with the key roles they can play.

“I hope that the upcoming elections will inspire women, trust us, then we can achieve more if given a position” Ilhan said.

The US congresswoman added that if women are given the opportunity they can make a difference.

“I think our women who competed in the United States elections and won could be an example of people in Somalia and to understand that when women are elected a positive change can happen” Ilhan Omar.

The statement comes amid a heated debate over women’s quota in parliament, and there are complaints from women members nominated by state governments to represent them in electoral commissions.

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