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Wadani opposes former Somalia Deputy PM’s Arrival in Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Former Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Carte has arrived in Hargeisa today after President Bihi accepted his requested pardon.

Mohamed Omar Arte’s main purpose of his visit to Hargeisa is reportedly to see his ill father in Hargeisa.

Carte, who met with the media in Hargeisa, said he was not ready to speak to the media at this time.

The statement from President Bihi confirmed that the former deputy PM and current MP had changed his views on greater Somalia, although Arte is yet to state that himself.

The opposition party Wadani, has spoken out against the arrival of Mohamed Omar Carte Qalib in Hargeisa, calling it illegal.

“Mohamed Omar Carte is a citizen of this country, but he can come under several conditions, first he has to resign from the Parliament of Somalia, secondly he should renounce his political views on Greater Somalia, and then ask for forgiveness, the countries rules should not be ignored just because of tribal affiliation” said Interior Secretary of the Wadani opposition party Mohamed Farah Abdi.

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