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Ilhan Omar says President Farmajo has no legitimacy

WASHINGTON (SD) – US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said that Somalia does not currently have a president, stating that President Farmajo has no legitimacy.

“the current president of Somalia’s term is over, having the president is not an option for Somalia at the moment, legal wise, so we must work to find an acceptable president for Somalia.” Ilhan told the BBC.

Ilhan Stated that it is unnecessary for Somalia to keep postponing the elections every time, and she added any other country would not allow for the postponements of elections like Somalia.

In December 2021, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called on President Farmajo, saying “Farmajo has extended his term in office for over a year, it is time for him to step down and the long-term elections shall take place as soon as possible.

Somalia today failed to meet yet another election deadline set by the country’s stakeholders.

Ilhan’s remarks came hours before the US State Department issued a statement saying they would take action against those who disrupt peace in Somalia.

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