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Puntland Security battles with Al Shabab fighters

GAROWE (SD) – Puntland forces stated that they have prevented a plot by Al-Shabab Militants to attack and take over Bossaso, the commercial capital of Puntland State of Somalia.

Reports indicated that there was a brief battle between the two sides, and the fighting took place at Gaaca, near Bossaso.

Puntland forces repelled Al-Shabaab’s attack with a planned operation, and the Puntland forces later stated that they have removed the attackers from the battlefield.

According to reports, Puntland Forces were targeted by an explosion which was a landmine that detonated on one of the Puntland forces’ vehicles during the battle and some soldiers were wounded.

Puntland Officials did not provide further details regarding the casualties.

Al-Shabaab often carries out direct attacks and bombings in Puntland, and sometimes with targeted killings.

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