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Ilwad Elman wins Pro Dignitate Humana 2020 Award

Mogadishu (SD) – Ilwad Elman, Director of the Elman Center for Peace and Human Rights, won the Pro Dignitate Humana 2020 Award, winning the award for her work in the fight religious extremism.

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Krzysztof Czaputowicz congratulated Ilwad on winning the award and praised the Elman Center for Peace and Human Rights for its educational programs that prevent young people from being vulnerable to extremism.

Ilwad said “religious principles should not be used to justify destruction and organized violence.” Elman works under an initiative titled “drop the gun down, pick up a pen”, and continues to prevent kids in joining extremist groups.

The Pro Dignitate Humana award has been awarded since 2011. It is given to a person who is recognized as an advocate for the oppressed or those who are at risk of being oppressed.

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