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Inter-Clan fighting erupts in Galmudug

GALGADUD (SD) -News coming from the Balanballe district in the Galgadud region reports that armed militias carried out an attack in the district, resulting in casualties including both deaths and injuries.

Eyewitnesses reported that the armed militias, who were herders, killed one person and injured another, both of whom were civilians.

This incident is linked to recent clan-related killings in parts of Galmudug, where local leaders and security forces have failed to address the ongoing issues.

Security forces in the Balanballe district of Galgaduud responded to the attack, killing one militia member. Military officials stated that they are still pursuing the remaining militias.

The security authorities in the Balanballe district of Galgadud have not yet commented on the attack. However, for the past five years, the Galmudug region has experienced recurring clan conflicts.

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