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ISIS pose for Eid Al-Adha photos in Puntland’s Bari region

Bossaso (SD) – ISIS in Somalia has released photos of the group celebrating Eid al-Adha in the mountainous region of Puntland’s Bari region.

The images are part of a series of ISIS posts during the Eid holidays, featuring countries where their fighters are still stationed.

Pictures of the ISIS members, including a number of foreigners, have been posted on Twitter, chanting slogans in their mountainous hideouts from US and Puntland airstrikes.

Their posts comes days after US airstrikes killed members of the group, including a foreign official named Abu Osama Al Muhajir.

ISIS has issued a statement acknowledging the death of the former al-Shabab defector in charge of media and international relations.

Authorities in Puntland Region of Somalia have not yet addressed or verified the posts.

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