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Jaffar Bedru: Ethiopia would never abandon its quest for access to the Red Sea.

ADDIS ABABA (SD)-The Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs hosted the second Red Sea dialogue in Addis Ababa, focusing on the need for regional cooperation in the Red Sea.

Jaffar Bedru, the executive director of the Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the importance of the Red Sea to Ethiopia in a press statement. He asserted that Ethiopia would never abandon its quest for access to the Red Sea.

“Ethiopia and the Red Sea share a historical connection. Ethiopia has always fought a historic struggle for access to the Red Sea, and it is tied to our very existence. Our neighboring countries are determined to eliminate our claim to the Red Sea,” said Jaafar Bedru.

Continuing his remarks, Bedru accused what he referred to as Ethiopia’s historical enemies of conspiring to exclude Ethiopia from Red Sea discussions.

Nevertheless, Ethiopia is intent on implementing the agreement made with the Somaliland administration on January 1st of this year, which involves gaining access to the Red Sea.

The Somali government has firmly opposed Ethiopia’s ambitions and desires regarding the Red Sea, denouncing the agreement as an infringement on the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Somalia.

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