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Jubaland opposes Ethiopian troops withdrawal

MOGADISHU (SD) -Mohamoud Sayed Adan, the Deputy President of Jubaland State of Somalia, has stated that the decision of the Federal Government to expel Ethiopian troops from the country signifies a critical situation.

While in Mogadishu, Mahamoud Sayed Adan mentioned that the only beneficiary of such action would be Al-Shabaab.

Similarly, Hassan Abdulqadir Mohamed, the Minister of Security for the South West State, also stated yesterday that if foreign troops are to be present in Somalia, they prefer and appreciate the presence of Ethiopian troops.

The National Security Advisor to the President of Somalia, Hussein Sheikh Ali, stated earlier that the Somali government intends for all Ethiopian troops to leave Somalia by the end of this year, once the ATMIS operation concludes.

Hussein Sheikh Ali also indicated that there will be troops from other countries participating in ATMIS currently stationed in Somalia, a role that will continue beyond January 2025, although they have not been named yet.

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