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Journalist Abdimalik Oldon freed

Hargeisa (SD) – Journalist Abdimalik Muse Oldon today called for Somalilanders to join hands after regaining his freedom this morning, saying that unity is needed as it is a difficult time, and not to swell n what has happened.

“I was not under arrest, but my mother was detained as she always came from Burao to visit me.” Said Oldon at a press conference.

Suxufi Cabdimaalik Coldoon oo la sii daayay - SHABAKADDA ...

Speaking to the press, he said that the only thing he can say about his arrest is that of the Prophet Yusuf(AS) who said to his brothers who threw him in the well, “Only Satan has entered among us”. Said Oldon.

Oldon thanked everyone who participated in his release and mentioned WADANI party chairman Abdirahman Irro and UCID party leader Faisal Ali Warabe, Oldon also thanked Hargeisa Human Rights Organization and International Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, EU parliament and Finally thanked President Bihi.

Oldon was arrested April of last year for allegedly insulting the presidency.

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