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Journalist Abuja acquitted and released

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali military court has today announced the final verdict in the case of journalist Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur Abuja who was been detained for almost 5 months by the Somali government.

Chairman of the Supreme Court of the armed forces, Hassan Nur Shute said the investigation has revealed that Abuja is not guilty and ordered the immediate release of the journalist.

Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur (Abuja) has been charged with a murder in Bondhere district and being a membership of Al-Shabaab, according to a statement issued on April 22 of this year by the Somali government’s Ministry of Information.

The court’s decision to release him was widely and equally welcomed by media organizations, Somali journalists and his relatives.

“I am happy that Abuja was released today after a long and illegal detention, we thank the court for its justice, ”said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimow, Secretary of FESOJ.

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