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Jubaland Administration rejects the federal government’s Transitional designation

Kismayo (SD) – Jubbaland considers the Somali Federal Government’s decision to label Ahmed Madobe a transitional President of Jubaland an illegal.

Jubaland’s response comes after the federal government announced partial recognition for the administration as a way out of the current political deadlock with Jubaland.

“FGS recognizes the need for an inclusive administration for all of region’s residents, and it is necessary to end the long-standing conflict and recognises Ahmed Madobe as the transitional president of Jubaland” said the Somali Government of Somalia

A press release from Ahmed Madobe’s office states that they believes that the Jubbaland and Federal Constitution defines the process for selecting state-level institutions and their term of office.

“The elections for the State of Jubaland are based on the Transitional Federal Charter of the Federal Republic of Somalia (Articles 120 and 142) and the Jubaland Provincial Constitution, subject to the legal process carried out by the relevant authority.”

Jubaland’s response Communique to the Federal Government’s conditional recognition is seen as a push back on Somali presidents attempt to undermine the regional adminstration.

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