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Jubaland and Al Shabab troops fight in Bar-sanguni

KISMAYO (SD) -News coming from the city of Kismayo indicates that heavy fighting erupted today on the outskirts of Kismayo town, resulting in casualties.

The conflict involves forces from the Jubaland administration and Al-Shabaab, and it is taking place in the Baar Sanguuni area of Lower Jubba region.

The fighting began after Jubaland forces tried to retake the Baar Sanguuni area early this morning, where they encountered resistance from Al-Shabaab militants. The clashes intensified as both sides engaged in fierce combat.

Jubaland forces advanced toward the River while some of their forces advanced towards the main road leading to Kismayo town, where the clashes caused significant destruction.

Reports suggest that the fighting in Baar Sanguuni resulted in casualties and injuries on both sides, with Al-Shabaab and Jubaland forces suffering losses.

Officials from the Jubaland forces stated that Al-Shabaab incurred significant losses in the battle and that they captured various types of weapons. Additionally, they confirmed the death of four Al-Shabaab militants during the confrontation.

On the other hand, Jubaland officials reported minimal casualties on their side, with only one soldier injured in the fighting, although they did not provide specific figures regarding their casualties.

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