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Jubaland and The Somali State of Ethiopia discuss counter terrorism

Godey August 05, 2023 (SD) – The top officials of Jubaland State and the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia held a meeting in which they discussed specific issues between the two administrations.

The meeting brought together the first deputy president of Jubaland State, Mahamoud Sayed Adan, who visited the town of Godey, and the president of the Regional State of Ethiopia, Mustafa Mahamoud Cagjar.

Also participating in the meeting were the Minister of Interior and Federalism, Mahomed Ibrahim Ogle, the Minister of Security, Yusuf Hussein Osman, the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Ahmed Baraki, and several other officials from Gedo Region. Both sides discussed issues related to border security, sharing of government responsibilities, and the content of a joint statement released by the Jubaland administration.

Additionally, both parties emphasized the importance of collaborating against the Al-Shabaab insurgency to prevent attacks from affecting both administrations. Sayed Adan, during his speech, expressed that Jubaland is determined to reinforce the control of its regions, especially the region.

President Cagjar also mentioned his commitment to a comprehensive strategy for countering Al-Shabaab, which is currently in progress.

The discussions also encompassed recent developments in the Gedo region, which has experienced notable improvements recently.

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