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Somalia: Feds Shell an Al Shabaab Compound in Hiran killing 30

Mogadishu August 06, 2023 (SD) – The Somali National Army, supported by the United States, has conducted an operation in the Qoob Yaxaas area of Hiiraan Region, where members of Al-Shabaab were present.

During the raid, a major compound controlled by Al-Shabaab in the area was targeted, and it was reported that high-ranking officials of the group were holding a meeting there.

“The Somali National Army conducted a successful operation, resulting in numerous casualties and fatalities among the extremists,” the Federal Government’s media reported.

The Somali National Army and its allies stated that they have surrounded the location before launching the attack.

“Two vehicles used by the Khawarij extremists were also destroyed during the operation,” the government’s media report further mentioned.

At least 30 individuals were reported killed in the raid, while another 50 were said to have been injured.

The casualties include senior Al-Shabaab leaders, according to government sources.

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