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Somaliland: Bushara Bandey thanks the UK and others for her release from Hargeisa Prison

Hargeisa August 16, 2023 (SD) – Journalist Bushra Ali Bandey, who was released yesterday by the Maroodi Jeex Regional Court of Somaliland, has stated that she endured three months of unlawful detention, with her innocence finally proven.

Yesterday, Bandey was released by the court after she paid for her one-year sentence, during which he faced false accusations and was subjected to an unjust trial that lasted for three months.

“The false accusations and trial against me lasted for three months, and I believe that I was unlawfully detained for those three months. Today, I have received my freedom back, but if they had taken three more years from me, I would have been patient. Patient perseverance is the ultimate triumph,” said Bandey in an interview with Galaydh Media.

She revealed that she had been accused of multiple crimes she did not commit and had been targeted due to her critical stance, which went against some elements in Somaliland, including the embattled president’s son Mohamed Muse Bihi.

She also expressed her gratitude to all those who had worked to secure her release, including the UK Government, fellow journalists, certain politicians, members of opposition parties, media outlets, and international organizations.

The journalist, who is known for her critical reporting on the administration of President Bihi, was arrested on May 25th in Wajaale town, close to the Ethiopian border. She had spent more than three grueling months in detention, without a trial, until her recent release.

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