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Jubaland president and opposition leaders arrive in Kismayo

Kismayo (SD) – A delegation led by Jubbaland regional State President, Ahmed Mohamed Islam with the opposition leaders Abdirashid Hidig and Sheikh Dahir and members of the Jubbaland Parliament arrived today in Kismayo.

President Ahmed Madobe, who spoke to the media at the airport, said that the agreement reached by the members of the Transitional Council and the Jubbaland Government is in place.

A statement released by the United Nations Office in Somalia welcomed the agreement reached in Nairobi by the Jubbaland president and the opposition leaders.

Jubaland parliament re-elected Ahmed Madobe, the former Islamist leader by won 56 of 73 votes in a first-round and was immediately sworn into office for the next four years.

The federal government of Somalia dismissed Jubaland elections held on August 22 2019 at the port town of Kismayo and labelled it as unlawful election.

Those opposing Madobe’s rule formed a separate electoral commission and elected a rival parliament and president, Abdirashib Hidig.

Their move raised fears of violence and a lack of stability in a region already suffering from al-Shabab attacks.

The process in which Madobe was re-elected was marred by threats, intimidation, violence and accusations of outside interference. It also sparked tensions with neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia.

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