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Jubaland president nominates candidates for upper house seats and electoral commission announces new timetable

Kismayo (SD) – Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam has submitted a list of candidates for a seat in the Upper House of the Federal Parliament.

“In accordance with the schedule issued by the Federal Electoral Commission on 16/07/2021 for the Upper House elections to be held between 25-28 July. The State Electoral Implementation Committee SJ ET – Jubaland, hereby provides a detailed timetable for the Upper House elections.” said the statement from the presidency.

The nominees are four seats up for grabs, with Senator Fartaag, Ilyas Gaboose, and Senator Iftin Hassan Basto returning to the race.

1- Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Fartaag and Ahmed Mohamed Jama.
2- Halimo Jama Mohamed and Abdirizak Mohamed Osman
3- Ilyas Badal Gaboose, Mohamed Ahmed Sayid and Sharmarke Mohamed Abdi
4- Ibrahim Yaqub Ismail and Iftin Hassan Iman.

Jubaland is represented by eight members in the upper house. The Jubaland president is expected to submit the names of the remaining four candidates.

The new proposed election process timelines by the Jubaland Electoral Commission for the Jubaland Upper House Election Schedule is:

Tuesday, 27 July 202 1 Announcement of Candidate Names and Schedules.
Wednesday, 28 July 2021 Registration of applications and payment of fees.
Thursday 29 July 202 1 Candidates’ Speeches and Elections.

Meanwhile, Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble praised Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam for submitting a list of candidates for the upper house.

“I commend President Ahmed Madobe and the Jubaland Electoral Commission for submitting the list of Federal Upper House candidates and announcing the election timetable. Elections have begun, and I urge other states to expedite the elections,” the prime minister said in a statement on his Twitter account.

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