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Jubaland: Somalia is known for holding elections ever four years

Kismayo (SD) – Jubaland State President Ahmed Mohamed Islam attended a brief ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the Independence of southern regions and the unification of northern and southern Somalia.

The President said that the country’s long-standing conflict over issues of national security has always delayed progress and unity, giving terrorist a valuable opportunity for political and social divisions in the country.

The President added that the political disputes must be resolved within the context of the Constitution and it is always important to have a Comprehensive Policy that all parties agree on.

The president also said that the capital of the country has the right to a special status and the constitution defines how to do it, but if its not done correctly it will only cause further divisions among Somalis.

The Jubaland president addressed the new proposed timeline for elections in the country, saying the extending the federal government institutions are never done before, the country is known for electing a President every four years.

The president said his administration is open to any effort in resolving the country’s political disputes.

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