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Jubbaland to hold elections of 13 parliamentary seats

KISMAAYO (SD) – Jubbaland state in southern Somalia will soon hold elections of 13 parliamentary seats following the release of the list by election commission.

The Jubbaland administration is the fifth regional administration to announce new elections since the National Consultative Assembly meeting in Mogadishu concluded last week. 

Two of the 13 seats announced last night by the Jubaland State Elections Implementation Team will be contested by women.

Seat HOP 124 is set to attract a fierce contest as the seat is currently occupied by Abdullahi Hersi Kulmiye (Abdirahman Dheere) who is a close associate of Villa Somalia and an ally of Fahad Yasin, the country’s National Security Adviser.

The election of the seats in the House of the People now seems to be in full swing by Somalia’s regional administrations.

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