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Judge recuses himself from trial of journalists detained in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (SD) – The judge listening the case of the three journalists arrested in Hargeisa has today recused himself from the case, according to sources.

Judge Mahad Mohamed Guled asked the Chief Justice to transfer the case of the three journalists, Mohamed Abdi Ilig, Abdijabar Mohamed Hussein and Abdirahman Khalif to another Judge.

A source close to the court told Somali Dispatch that the chairman of the Marodi-jeh Regional Court, Abdi Qawdhan, was later assigned to the case against the journalists.

The trial of the three journalists was scheduled to begin on September 9 in Hargeisa, and it is not known why judge Mahad recused himself from the controversial case.

Journalists detained journalists were arrested 22 days ago for reporting on violence inside Hargeisa Central Prison.

Political and human rights groups have condemned the illegal arrest of the three journalists.

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