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Kenya and Ethiopia deploy troops for the second phase of the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Mogadishu June 09, 2023 (SD) -The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Somalia, Brigadier General Abdullahi Ali Anod, stated that the governments of Kenya and Ethiopia have deployed additional troops for the second phase of the fight against Al-Shabaab.

The spokesperson mentioned that the Kenyan government has currently stationed its forces in Elwaq, Hosingow, Gariley, Dhobley, Kulbiyow, and Diif.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian forces are reported to be present in Cabudwaaq, Yeed, and Qurac-joome. The spokesperson further stated that the Somali government has already prepared its troops for deployment alongside the forces from both countries. He emphasized that the Somali forces would assume a leadership role in the conflict.

“If the Ethiopian troops, along with Somali forces, do not participate and defend the people and their land, the achievements made so far will not be sustained. We are preparing the troops who will be part of the mission,” said the defense ministry spokesperson.

Brigadier General Abdullahi Ali Anod emphasized that the government has adopted a comprehensive plan to ensure that the military operations do not harm the civilian population and their properties.

During a conference held in Mogadishu with the leaders of Somalia and the neighboring countries, it was agreed that the second phase of the fight against Al-Shabaab would involve the participation of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, as part of the regional approach.

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