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Somalia announces the withdrawal of 2000 ATMIS troops

Mogadishu June 09, 2023 (SD) -Somalia’s Ministry of Defense has officially announced the reduction in the number of ATMIS troops stationed in the country, reaffirming the government’s commitment to assuming security responsibilities.

The ministry stated that around 2,000 ATMIS troops would be withdrawn from Somalia tat the end of June.

They further mentioned that over the past few years, they have successfully built their own forces with support from their international partners. These forces, consisting of 2,000 AMISOM-trained personnel, will take over security responsibilities by June 2023.

The Somali government expressed its gratitude and confirmed its adherence to the decision made by the United Nations Security Council to gradually reduce the number of AMISOM troops in Somalia.

The government has established a joint technical committee comprising representatives from AMISOM and the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) to oversee the implementation of the AMISOM drawdown.

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