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UCID Chairman: Muse Bihi mishandled the defense of Somaliland

HARGEISA (SD) -The Chairman of the UCID opposition party in Somaliland, Faysal Cali Warabe, has criticized the outgoing administration of President Muse Bihi, accusing it of mishandling the defense of Somaliland.

He stated that the conflict in the Sool region is deliberately being turned into a clan-based war, and he blamed the government for exacerbating the situation, suggesting that if the government continues, there will be potential threats to the stability of Somaliland.

In a presser today, he stated that the ongoing conflict in the Sool region resulted from the government’s failure to address it properly. Chairman Faysal accused the government of Somaliland of exacerbating tensions and suggested that the situation might lead to a tribal conflict in the region. He also criticized the government for not actively participating in defending Somaliland, claiming that it lacked a clear strategy for handling the conflict.

Furthermore, Faysal asserted that the government is not adequately preparing for upcoming elections, implying that the lack of a clear electoral plan contributes to the challenges faced by Somaliland.

He emphasized the need for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to addressing the issues in Sool. He criticized the government for its apparent reluctance to allow for broader participation and dialogue in finding solutions.

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