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Kenya reiterates denial of meddling in Somalia’s internal affairs

NAIROBI (SD) – Kenya has dismissed claims of interference in the domestic affairs of Somalia as “false and misleading” saying it respects Somalia’s sovereignty.

In a statement issued on Tuesday during an African Union Peace and Security Council (PSC) session convened to consider the situation in Somalia and the activities of AMISOM, Kenya Ministry of Foreign affairs said her presence in Mogadishu was not only motivated by the need to strengthen regional peace and security architecture but was sanctioned by both the AU Peace and Security Council and by the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile Kenya cautioned the African Union and the United Nations against any attempts to withdraw Amisom from Somalia.

“Kenya also appealed to the Council to guard against attempts at driving fissures among the various stakeholders, friends and partners of Somalia and of the region. Attempts at lessening the positive impact of AMISOM or withdrawal of AMISOM from Somalia was viewed in this light,” a statement reads in part.

Kenya underscored that it is committed to play very important role in peace restoration mission in Somalia.

The East Africa nation commended the ongoing electioneering period in Somalia saying Somalia’s elections will be vital for the long-term stability of the Horn of Africa, and asked donors and other partners to ensure all stakeholders take part.

“Likewise, Kenya called for the Peace and Security Council to focus on the vital initiatives that must be undertaken to ensure that the historical consensus built between Domestic, Regional and International actors in Somalia, which included the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and all its related entities, was secured and guaranteed,” the statement said.

Somalia had cut off diplomatic ties with Kenya after it expelled Kenya Ambassador Lucas Tumbo, Kenya’s envoy in Mogadishu in last November.

Somali also recalled her Ambassador to Mahamed Ahmed Nuur Tarzan from Nairobi.

The Horn of Africa nation accused of Kenya of interfering Somalia’s internal affairs, a move Kenya kept denying.

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